what's next after hard seltzer?

What’s Next for Hard Seltzer?

The era of trial is over for hard seltzer, and breweries and beverage companies need to try harder to attract fickle consumers. Areas of growth can include producing novel flavors, channeling cocktails, and finding on-premise occasions.

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RTD distilling

The Promise of Distillation

With evidence mounting that the heyday of hard seltzer is now passed, there is great temptation in the industry to look for the next new thing that might compensate for declining overall beer sales. Increasingly the answer is being found in distillation.

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In an effort to take advantage of growing market trends, some business owners have begun to double dip into both distilling and brewing under the same roof. These hybrid operations, often referred to as brew-stilleries, offer a lot of opportunities for growth, marketing, and synergy if done properly.

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