Protecting your team and creating peace of mind in the workplace.

First Key can provide specialized and practical expertise to ensure your facility is operating safely and in compliance with applicable Health & Safety Regulations. Our services include:

  • Assessing your current Health & Safety (H&S) Program
  • Developing or enhancing your H&S Program
  • Assistance with implementing your H&S program

An effective Health & Safety (H&S) program makes worker safety a priority and reduces loss of the most valuable resource a company has – its employees.

First Key’s technical support team can create a H&S program for your new start-up company or assess and make recommendations to improve your current H&S program.

A First Key H&S program review will be conducted based on applicable Occupational Health & Safety requirements, as well as Health & Safety best practices.  We will review documentation on site, perform a physical site inspection and talk to your employees to identify areas of H&S risk and provide specific and practical opportunities for improvement.

Our review typically includes:

  • Management Commitment and Employee Involvement
  • Worksite Analysis
  • Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Employee Training