Market intelligence is more valuable now than ever before.

Here is a sample of some of the reports First Key can provide:

Malt trade flows

  • World malt trade in relation to malt demand. Historical review.
  • Malt exports from the E.U. (includes data from 28 countries) to all destinations by continent and by country. Historical review. The E.U. is the world’s largest malt-exporting economic bloc.
  • Malt exports from other large exporting countries, such as China, Argentina, Australia, Canada, USA and others.
  • Largest malt importing countries such as Mexico, USA & Canada, Japan, Vietnam. Detailed information on other countries that were large importers (such as Russia, Ukraine), reasons why these countries became malt-exporting countries.
  • World malt trade with largest exporting and importing economic zones or countries. Historical review.
  • Change in malt trade in former “eastern bloc” countries.
  • On demand, specific reports are also available on any single country (malting capacity, malt demand, malt imports and/or exports, 5-year+ forecasts).

Malting capacity

  • By company
  • By country
  • By continent or economic zone
  • Worldwide (including all above details)
  • Utilization ratio of installed capacity by country/region/worldwide
  • Change year over year
  • Where investments in malting capacity were implemented (and rationale behind these investment decisions)
  • Projected malting capacity projects.

Malt Supply – Demand

  • By country or zone, change year over year, with estimates of beer malt demand, distilling and food malt demand (if any). Historical review and forecasts.

Strategic analyses are also available on demand.

A sample of information in our reports can be viewed in the links below.

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