Is it possible to understand your drinkers better than they understand themselves?

There are a lot of approaches to research – surveys, qualitative interviews, data analysis and more – any we’re experts in all of them. But you don’t need a research partner that gets lost in the methodology. The most important step in any market research project is to make sure you’re asking the right questions. We partner with you to clarify the issues, to ensure that we use the right methodology to address the right questions – and most importantly to come up with answers you can use.

The most important question we can help you answer is Why? Why do consumers make the choices they do? What makes them reach for one brand versus another on the shelf, or call for this brand rather than that brand at the bar? Why do some behaviors change over time, as long-term sales trends rise or fall, or change direction entirely?

But while it may seem easy enough to ask people why, in practice many people aren’t able to articulate the motivations behind their choices. We’ve helped dozens of clients better understand their customers by systematically inferring their motivations, reading between the lines of what they say and how they behave. And once that insight is uncovered, it’s an easier matter to design positioning strategies and marketing content that will truly motivate them to choose your brand more often.

That insight into why is also the key to better volume projections. We complement our expertise in economic and statistical methods with a better understanding of how various causal factors come together to influence sales and market share outcomes. No one can predict the future, but we can help you see a more probable future.