Maximizing asset performance, improving business results.

The reliability of brewery assets is critical, as it affects almost every aspect of the brewery’s operations including safety, quality, sustainability and efficiency. Given the complexity of brewery assets and their operational context, many breweries struggle to achieve high levels of reliability at an optimal cost. Breweries require a systematic and relatively sophisticated reliability and maintenance approach to ensure that the assets perform optimally throughout their life cycle.

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is essentially the blending of advanced manufacturing techniques with intelligent technology. It represents a transformation in the way products are made and delivered, moving towards more efficient, automated, and flexible production processes. For reliability and maintenance, more connected equipment coupled with better sensors and artificial intelligence dramatically changes the way in which maintenance can be executed. Virtual reality technologies allow maintenance personnel to collaborate more deeply and remotely, while advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3D scanning, CNC machining and 3D printing changes how parts are manufactured and supplied. Your maintenance program needs to be evolving as Industry 4.0 technologies develop.

As Industry 4.0 technologies expand within breweries, the level of cyber risk also becomes more elevated. While the maintenance and reliability function is not primarily responsible for the organizations cyber program, it is key in sustaining the cyber security equipment and controls in the operational technology environment.

At First Key Consulting, our consultants have deep practical experience in all aspects of reliability and maintenance. We can help you improve the performance of your assets by setting up a comprehensive reliability and maintenance program. Elements of this program include:

  • Reliability organization design.
  • Maintenance processes and KPI deployment.
  • Maintenance skill assessment and development.
  • Reliability data analysis and continuous improvement.
  • Establishing a computerized maintenance management system or enterprise asset management system.
  • Effective maintenance planning and scheduling.
  • Effective maintenance work execution.
  • Autonomous maintenance.
  • Maintenance cost management.
  • Spare parts management.
  • Identification and establishment of Industry 4.0 lighthouse projects related to reliability and maintenance.
  • Establishing maintenance controls to facilitate cyber security in Operational Technology.

We can assess the health of your reliability and maintenance program and work with you to develop an improvement roadmap. Once that plan has been developed, we can also help you execute the improvement roadmap, audit progress, and provide overall project management support.