Independent expertise and global experience to conduct systematic and detailed due diligence.

New investment opportunities and acquisitions require detailed analysis and assessment in the form of due diligence. Independent and experienced eyes are critical to this process.

We are independent, neutral and objective and have been supporting the sellers, buyers, private equity firms and banks for over 30 years. We operate with strict internal policies for nondisclosure and proper treatment of confidential information.

We provide due diligence services for small brewing and beverage operators to multi-plant brewing and beverage groups anywhere in the world, in the following areas:

  • Financial: One of the most important components of financial due diligence is the Quality of Earnings Report. In short, this is a detailed analysis of each component of the brewery’s revenue and expenses. A Quality of Earnings Report should always incorporate a summary of “normalized EBITDA”, which will greatly assist with deal pricing strategy.
  • Brewery/Beverage/Malting Technical: assess condition, capability and capacity of equipment, capital plans, operational process management, quality, efficiency, benchmarking and recommendations to best-in-class standards
  • Supply Chain: from sourcing to finished goods shipments
  • Distribution & Regulatory: distributor relationships, coverage capability, shared marketing, quality assurance, competitive cost model
  • Sales & Marketing: brand health, volume projections, organization, culture, pricing, packaging, beer styles, sales, marketing
  • Management and Operations: management structure, skills, experience, HR and employee development, process and procedures, key performance indicators (KPIs), systems evaluation