How do you stay relevant with your customer base?

Whether you’re opening a new facility from scratch or seeking to renovate or expand an existing brewpub or taproom, there’s no more powerful tool for bringing your brand to life. The first step, of course, is to get the fundamentals right: designing a space that enables you to deliver great customer experiences. But it’s just as important to create an environment that communicates your brand essence. We’ll work with you and your designer to ensure everything comes together as a whole and not just a collection of parts.

You may be working with a blank slate. You may be fine-tuning an existing space, or looking to accommodate high traffic or the needs created by Covid-19. In any case we’ll develop a brief for the physical aspects of the layout. How will the space accommodate large events, including community events? How will it facilitate the sort of social interaction and even camaraderie that encourages conversations among strangers? How will traffic between tables, the bar, the restrooms and any food stations flow? Should there be television screens and how does their role affect their placement? Will there be dedicated areas for games?

But getting the colours, the materials and the textures right is just as important. Lighting and music must be carefully chosen as well. All of these will reinforce your brand personality. We can help articulate the key non-verbal messages and work with your designer on a plan to communicate them.

Then comes the most critical part, because all of this will only pay significant dividends if your customers stay longer, spend more and return to spend again. Your staff members are the difference-makers when it comes to a great service experience for your customers. They’re also the conduits for your brand communication. First Key will develop educational tools and implement training that will make your staff the envy of your neighborhood establishments.

Our Brewpub / Taproom services:

  • Brewpub / Taproom Design and Development
    • Develop the scope of work and brief required for the designer also aligned with brewery’s core values, vision and brand including functionality requirements (e.g. events, tastings, social interactions, food offerings, merchandise and retail products, etc.)
    • Develop and issue requests for quotations from designers
    • Evaluate quotes, terms, and conditions and make recommendation to client
    • Monitor and track as above and participate in meetings as required
  • Brewery / Brewpub / Taproom Training
    • Develop and source product education tools (design and content of written materials, product information boards, flight cards, brewer seminars, brewery tours)
    • Train designated staff on products, tasting, serving, tours, customer service, draft dispense, merchandise and retail sales