How well do you understand your supply chain?

Understanding how to operate and manage both an effective brewery or beverage facility, as well as a supply chain system can be equally as important.

First Key uses advanced tools and methodologies to help clients develop a model that simulates how your brewery or beverage facility and supply chain currently operate and what changes can be made to optimize it to increase growth and reduce cost.

A network modelling strategy helps regional, national and multi-national breweries and beverage companies with complex supply chains, model and analyze current processes and from that develop the most efficient network for their markets:

Modelling includes:

  • Continuous and discrete plant and warehouse location models
  • Linear and mixed integer programming
  • Discrete simulation
  • Process simulation
  • Truck routing and scheduling
  • Multi-echelon inventory analysis
  • Queuing analysis
  • Warehouse layout and design optimization and slotting algorithms
  • Geographic information systems for demand and network analysis

An understanding of the design and current state operations of your process, packaging and shipping sets the stage for implementation of Lean Manufacturing best practices. Through an understanding of the flow of the brewery or beverage facility, there are opportunities to increase production capacity, streamline flow, reduce operational and capital costs and enable the workforce. 

First Key consultants have worked with clients for to develop a holistic, strategic understanding of their supply chains.  Our clients tell us this pays dividends in setting annual goals, developing material and retailer partnerships, seeking investors, engaging employees and other value added benefits.