Does your sourcing strategy support growth & price stability?

Why have some companies and not others faced material shortages and unbearable pricing increases during the recent supply chain challenges? We believe that it is due to supplier sourcing strategies based on sub-optimal relationships. First Key has both deep experience and strong relationships with suppliers developing effective sourcing strategies, whether it is the availability of aluminum cans, CO2, transportation, malt and others to achieve not only lower pricing but also a more stable supply.

First Key has developed sourcing strategies that have stabilized difficult material models, such as our work in the CO2 market.

The key to success in developing an effective sourcing/procurement strategy for a company is expertise in understanding the specific material and a broader understanding of the end-to-end supply chain. First Key has expert level understanding of the key materials in the beer and beverage industry as well as strategic insight to understand the commodity within the overall supply chain.

First Key projects have included:

  • Understand materials requirements and develop materials specifications.
  • Develop effective “go-to-market” RFPs and supplier management processes that leads to effective relationships.
  • Deep knowledge of what’s happening in the industries and relationships to connect clients to the best partnerships.
  • Migrate clients from tactical, reactive supplier relationships to strategic, managed programs.

First Key provides ongoing support with clients to ensure results are delivered.