The world of Human Resources is constantly evolving and that, in turn, often results in a heavy HR workload for your brewery to manage as changes arise.  Breweries today must follow and stay abreast of new employment laws, manage workforce changes, and think about diversity and inclusion initiatives. This is in addition to the recurring tasks associated with recruitment and selection, onboarding new employees, payroll, compensation, performance management and benefit administration.

We are here to support you with that workload.  We partner with your brewery leadership to provide strong HR knowledge, combined with equally strong knowledge of the intricacies of the brewing industry, focusing on three main steps.

Step 1: Current State Assessment

A comprehensive review of your current HR practices and policies.

Step 2: Gap Analysis

We help you zone in on what may be missing, offering personalized insight – based on the region where your brewery operates – into employment laws and changes to workforce management practices, starting the process to help reshape your HR practices that can bridge the gaps and better align your teams.

Step 3: Development/Redesign of HR Processes & Procedures

We help you develop and redesign processes to ensure better communication among your employees, align teams/departments, and give your management the tools that will help them to recruit and retain talent, address performance issues, and promote overall organization success.