Are you a ‘Brewery of Choice’ at retail?

Let’s face it, consumers cannot purchase your beer or beverage at retail if it isn’t in stock. The first step to increasing your retail sales is developing and adhering to a strategic approach to your supply chain which includes transportation, logistics and distribution.

First Key has developed strategies that have given breweries unique advantages at wholesale and retail. Our consultants have experience from start-ups through to major brewery and beverage supply chains. We have strong relationships with leading transportation providers, distributors and retailers, providing an inside edge for market growth.

Inventory Management

It is important to look at your inventory levels at your operations, distribution and retail collectively. We help our clients review materials and finished good inventory benchmarks against similar businesses. We define changes to be made to improve your performance, by developing potential cost and investment reduction targets and establishing timelines for the benefits to be realized.

Transportation Strategy

Given our strong relationships with top transportation providers, First Key has developed transportation strategies for its customers that achieve lower freight rates, improved service levels and greater access points to existing and new retail markets.  We work with you in negotiations with best-in-class freight providers.

Logistics Strategy

A logistics strategy must not only focus on efficiency but also on fulfillment at your existing and new retailers.  First Key will develop a proposal for you that will provide an immediate return on investment through lower costs and higher market share.

Distribution Strategy

Breweries must understand the changing nature of distribution.  Innovations such as online ordering (Direct to Consumer, or DtC), same day fulfillment and omnichannel strategies will be the key to success regardless of the market location.  First Key is the leader in the beer and beverage industry in developing 21st century distribution strategies that ensure our clients win.  Increasingly, a brewery’s distribution model is as important as the liquid in the container.  Our consultants are thought leaders in the future direction of markets and have developed strategies with significant and immediate benefits.