Comprehensive feasibility studies for your malting facility plans.

Understanding regional and local consumption trends, the capability and activities of competitive forces, and the usage trends and relationship models with brewers are essential for maltsters in developing a comprehensive strategy. To assist our malting clients we offer expert market intelligence and feasibility analysis in the following areas:

Market Analysis

  • Research and analysis of consumption trends (including the impact of malt substitutes) in key markets
  • Local brewer market shares
  • Activities of global players (own/operate, JV alliances, planned expansions)
  • Barriers to entry

Competitive Forces

  • Local malt production
  • Current malt trade flows
  • Analysis of installed capacity and planned expansions
  • Malting barley availability (domestic supply vs imports)
  • Expected malt supply / demand balance strategic positioning

Brewer Alignment

  • Partnership vs. spot purchase
  • Long-term supply agreements
  • Importance of multi-origin capabilities
  • Exclusive supply relationships
  • Competitive alignments
  • Opportunities to differentiate products and services
  • Global contracts vs regional purchases

Investment Feasibility

  • Analysis of operating and construction costs in the region
  • Identify production challenges
  • Analyze foreign trade issues
  • Tariff structures on import of malt vs. barley
  • Trade between major origin markets and key end markets
  • Implication of trade agreements
  • Foreign ownership restrictions
  • Pros and cons of origin plants vs. destination plants