How can you find clarity in a fragmented marketing landscape?

The media landscape as well as the consumer landscape continue to fragment. There was a time when the most crucial marketing decisions were about determining “What should we say?” Now it’s equally important to figure out “Where should we say it?” We can help you answer both sets of questions.

Great brands are consistent in communicating what they stand for. Yet staying on-message at all times can be a challenge, because everything you say and do communicates something about your brand – from your logo and label to your brewpub or taproom design; from your promotions and sponsorships to the type of accounts where your beer is prominent. We’ll work with you to develop and implement a strategy that identifies the right messages for your brand and ensures they’ll be communicated with relentless consistency.

You want your relationship with agencies and designers to go smoothly and efficiently. We’ve got decades of experience we can apply to coordinating the process for you. We’ll deliver the scope of work and creative brief required for the branding agency or independent designer (logo design, packaging design, brand guidelines, website design, marketing campaigns). The wrong guidance can feel like a straightjacket to your creative partners. We know how to write briefs that inspire. But when it’s time to evaluate your agency’s recommendations, we’ll balance that creative license with disciplined analysis.

Your strategy will also inform your media plan. Which social media sites are right for your brand and your target audience? Where can your brand make the most impact? We’ll work with your agency partners to bring your message to life in the right places and get the bang-for-your buck in the process. That can include:

  • Developing and issuing requests for quotations
  • Evaluating quotes, terms, and conditions and making recommendations to client
  • Monitoring and tracking deliverables
  • Participating in daily, weekly, monthly meetings as required throughout the project