The success of First Key is determined not only by the projects we work on, the clients we serve and the impact we make on the world, but also by the everyday actions of our people and the support we provide to each other.



First Key maintains a collegial and collaborative culture that delivers added value for every project. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards and insist on transparency and vigilance from our people. It is through diversity of thought, expertise, experience, and background, as well as the determination and dedication of our people, that we serve our clients and maintain long-term relationships.


We measure our success by our client’s success. We lead with a service mindset that lets us anticipate and adapt to client needs by not just applying best practice but inventing it. We protect the privacy of our clients and take pride in the fact that they decide to do business with us time and time again. We believe in building strong relationships and mutual trust, which has given us the opportunity to work in over 50 countries for over 30 years.


We aspire to nothing less than excellence. We are dedicated to the quality of our work through our culture of professionalism. We foster inclusiveness, teamwork, and an entrepreneurial spirit in all that we do, assigning the appropriate experts to each project, who are always well-supported by the global team at First Key.


First Key is committed to being the brewing and beverage industry’s leading advisor on accelerating the industry’s transition to a sustainable future. It is about using our industry resources wisely, thinking about waste as a resource instead of a cost, and finding innovative ways to better the environment. We do this by sharing our insights, providing practical tools and solutions, investing in the professional development of our team, and participating in a lively network of specialist industry associations, guilds, and knowledge platforms.