what's next after hard seltzer?

What’s Next for Hard Seltzer?

The era of trial is over for hard seltzer, and breweries and beverage companies need to try harder to attract fickle consumers. Areas of growth can include producing novel flavors, channeling cocktails, and finding on-premise occasions.

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When People Stop Chasing the Whale, What Next?

When someday someone writes the history of craft beer in North America, they will no doubt draw attention to the first two decades of the 21st century as the era of the ‘whale’ – what a certain kind of beer aficionado calls a limited release beer that scores plenty of peer points when sampled and, importantly, rated online.

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Cannabis beverage

Different Drums: Beer and Cannabis

Are beer drinkers and cannabis users the same consumer? They may have less in common than most people assume. This article investigates whether personality data can explain variation in the real-world geographic performance of both beer and cannabis.

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