barley Canada

The Changing Face of Barley Production

Barley production has been changing for decades and will almost certainly continue to change in the future. Changes include where barley is being planted, how much is being planted, what cultivars are being planted to drive yield and improve disease resistance, and what they are used for.

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world map made of wheat grains

A Sequence of Imperfect Events

Agricultural commodity prices have been trending up since the latter half of 2020, driven by significant import demand, reduced global supplies, and tightening stocks in major exporting countries.

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Hop field in Zatec hop area before sunset

Hop Breeding: Bring on the Bitterness

This article looks at how new hop varieties are bred, along with the goals of hop breeding, commercial hop propagation, seedling evaluations, multi-hill evaluation, commercial scale trials and a comparison to other plant breeders.

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Wet Milling Malt

Alternatives to Dry Milling

Dry milling works well for many breweries. However, two alternatives to dry milling — conditioned milling and wet milling — offer some improvements over dry milling.

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