Hop field in Zatec hop area before sunset

Hop Breeding: Bring on the Bitterness

This article looks at how new hop varieties are bred, along with the goals of hop breeding, commercial hop propagation, seedling evaluations, multi-hill evaluation, commercial scale trials and a comparison to other plant breeders.

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Wet Milling Malt

Alternatives to Dry Milling

Dry milling works well for many breweries. However, two alternatives to dry milling — conditioned milling and wet milling — offer some improvements over dry milling.

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Brewery Spent Grains as Animal Feed

Spent grains are a major source of brewing waste. About 85% of the solid waste a brewery produces is spent grains. At the same time, animal feed is a major cost for farmers who raise cattle or other livestock. And brewery spent grain (BSG) can be used to supplement animal feed, especially for cattle.

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