Malt and hops from the ground up.

Our agribusiness consultants provide market intelligence, strategy, audits and insights.

Urbanization and increases in income in developing countries are resulting in irreversible changes in diet, which impacts consumption. At the same time, agriculture is seeing an overall increase in productivity of about 0.8% to 1.3% per year. This is causing a wake-up call in the agri-food industry around the world and agriculture is changing rapidly to address these signals.

Malting Industry Reports

Market intelligence is more valuable now than ever before.

Business Planning for Maltsters

Understanding regional and local consumption trends, the capability and activities of competitive forces, and the usage trends and relationship models with brewers are essential for maltsters in developing a comprehensive strategy.

Malting Operations Audit & Optimization

Independent malting facility audits and improvement plans.

Malt Sourcing for Brewers

Our agribusiness consultants review, plan and implement competitive malt strategies that create real value for our clients.

Business Planning for Hop Growers

First Key can help you navigate the specific agricultural, technical, market and financial aspects of your hop farm feasibility study.

Hop Innovation

Looking for hop innovation backed by sound science?