Independent malting facility audits and improvement plans.

We can assist your malting company optimize performance by conducting an independent audit of your facility(s) and management systems and then delivering a detailed and prioritized action and improvement plan. Our malting facility audit is focused on meeting or exceeding the expectations of all major international brewers regarding product specifications and Good Manufacturing Practices.

First Key auditors have wide experience of malting operations and quality systems. The First Key malting facility audit covers the following functional areas:

Facilities and Transportation

  • Housekeeping, hygiene
  • Control of raw materials
  • Process control
  • Blending and storage
  • Capacity and quality of utilities
  • Quality systems and standards


  • Non-conforming product
  • Customer complaints
  • Corrective / preventive action
  • Product traceability
  • Inspection and test procedures
  • Conformance to specifications
  • Raw materials supplier approval
  • Laboratory operations

Management Systems

  • Use of performance indicators
  • Process mapping
  • Continuous improvement
  • Customer reviews