Specialized packaging, utilities and automation engineering for packaging operations.

We provide complete system design, equipment procurement, commissioning and operational readiness for the following areas:


Packaging (can, bottle, keg) line installations including:

  • Conceptual layout, budgeting and planning
  • Line and equipment specifications and performance metrics
  • Sourcing and procurement
  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Performance acceptance testing (PAT)
  • Installation, commissioning, start up and performance qualification services

Packaging line upgrades, including:

  • Line assessment (V-curve analysis, line speed up opportunity analysis, efficiency performance improvement, loss and waste analysis, brand/pack change over analysis )
  • Filler supply manifolds
  • Beer push-out systems
  • Beer on beer brand change systems
  • On-line to filler blending and dosing systems including all related pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation and controls
  • Distribution manifolds
  • On-line blending systems

Brewery Utilities

  • Ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Reciprocating, twin-screw, mono-screw compressors
  • Variable speed control
  • Evaporation condensers with floating pressure control
  • High and low pressure receivers
  • Dump traps
  • Air eliminators
  • Control systems for handling widely varying process loads including all related pumps, and piping systems
  • Glycol distribution systems with control systems for widely varying process loads including, ammonia/glycol chillers, including all related pumps, piping, valves, instrumentation and controls
  • Steam and condensate systems, boilers, deaerators, cogen systems
  • Brewing water deaeration systems
  • Energy and water optimization

CIP Systems

  • From small local single systems to centralized CIP systems, including design of systems for line CIP, tank CIP, tank CIP under CO2 counter-pressure.
  • Automated systems including multiple simultaneous CIP loops, automated tank make-up, in-line heat exchangers to minimize temperature shock to sensitive equipment, priority-based loop selection control systems.
  • Concentrated acid and caustic handling systems, including all related pumps, piping, heating systems, valves, instrumentation and controls.

Piping Systems

  • Piping systems design from simple hose-based systems for craft breweries, through manual piping systems with jumper panel connections, to fully automated double seat matrix style valving systems, for all areas of the brewing operation.

Control Systems

  • Full range of control systems from local, manual system controls, through automated centralized control systems to recipe driven oversight control of automated systems.