A wider view of the strategic options available for your Acquisition or Divestiture

In addition to the highly trained consultants and analytical tools that general accountants and management consultants have, we bring deep industry knowledge and a vast network of relationships that enable us to provide a wider range of the strategic options available. Whether it be an Acquisition or a Divestiture, understanding your place in the market and the potential strategic options available to you, is how we add value.


Industry leaders are constantly re-evaluating their businesses, examining internal resources and external market conditions with a view to identifying strategic options that will help them achieve their objectives. First Key can identify and evaluate quality take-over targets or merger candidates that provide an optimal fit with our clients’ strategic plans. Our services include:

Strategy Development

We are familiar with the common beer and beverage industry issues and barriers and can provide clear insight into deal structures and practical negotiating strategies.

Target Search & Screening

Through our vast global network, we search for potential targets or strategic partners. We handle all communications on a confidential basis until the short list is completed and you’re ready to be revealed.

Financial Analysis

Our financial analysts will develop a financial model for valuation and synergy analysis to help prepare for pricing negotiations. As industry experts who are intimately familiar with the brewing and beverage business, we can test assumptions and representations for reasonableness to ensure your ROI is achieved.

Deal Structuring & Negotiation

We will work with your legal counsel to advise on various issues that should be considered in drafting the memorandum of understanding or letter of intent.

Due Diligence

We are able to carry out detailed financial and operational due diligence tailored to your specific needs.

Post Acquisition Integration

We can help you prioritize and implement the short list of critical integration actions that need to be completed to realize the ROI on your deal.


Sometimes, selling a business is the right strategic choice. With our brewing and beverage industry network and expertise, we can help you identify and articulate “industry values” that others may miss and systematically screen potential buyers to find the best fit and price for your business.

Clients hire us with several goals in mind: to maximize net proceeds, ensure transaction closure and achieve the best possible terms with confidentiality, speed and minimal burden on ownership and management.

Running the Process

From strategy development through to closing the deal, adding value and piece of mind to all the phases of the process is what we do, including:

  • Assessment of Operations and Pricing Analysis
  • Develop Marketing Documents and Compile Sale Information
  • Purchaser Outreach
  • Obtain Expressions of Interest
  • Due Diligence
  • Obtain Letters of Intent (LOI)
  • Negotiate with Selected Purchasers

Deal Closing

We will work with both your legal team and the purchasers to ensure they have the information and data required to close the deal. Negotiations often involve purchase price adjustments, earn-outs and contingent consideration, holdbacks, representations and warranties, employment/transition agreements and advising on the commercial aspects of legal / shareholder agreements.

Finally, our goal is to successfully conclude a sales transaction to meet your needs.