Designing the best layout for your processes and inventory flow can significantly reduce your labor costs.

Today increasing competition among breweries means that designing, managing and improving industrial systems have never been more important. To remain competitive, it is imperative to continually develop and implement new and improved manufacturing systems. Equipment selection and configuration, layout, control systems design, and operating policies all need to be aligned to maximize your production performance.

Brewery and Warehouse Location Selection

  • Select the optimum location for your brewery and warehouse(s)

Brewery and Warehouse Layout and Design

  • Design for best inbound materials, in-process and outbound finished goods flow

Inventory Management

  • Materials and finished good inventory benchmarks against similar businesses
  • Develop potential cost and investment reduction targets
  • Define changes to be made to improve performance
  • Establish timelines for the benefits to be realized

Contract Brewing and Packaging

  • Grow your brand while reducing your capital exposure