Developing relevant, unique and compelling customer experiences.

Brewery Location and Features

The location of your brewery and what makes it unique can play a key role in achieving your vision. We identify the best location for your brewery, based on a multitude of factors, and identify unique features that will deliver success in the local market.

Retail Channels

Each channel is unique and requires a different approach based on the local market conditions. We develop the on-site, as well as on- and off-premise strategies that will deliver the optimum volume and profit results.


Whether you want to self-distribute or partner with a wholesaler, getting your product from the brewery to the end consumer is a high priority. We help to determine the most effective distribution option for you and if applicable, we identify, screen and select the best distribution partners in your home geography.

Product, Package and Pricing Strategy

Making your products available in the most appropriate containers, designing packaging graphics that stand out on the shelf and selecting the optimal price point will have significant impact on your business results. Our experts help you to make these important decisions based on local market trends and competitive activity.

Digital Media Solutions

In today’s technology-driven world, this is often the most effective and efficient way to reach your target market. A strategic platform for your digital activities will enable you to effectively connect with customers, retailers and media. Starting with a solid digital media platform will also help you adapt in the future with the ever-changing landscape of social networks and digital advertising. We will help you build a strong digital presence including website development, social media strategies and search engine optimization.

Organizational Design and Recruiting

People are the most important asset of any business. We will build a human resources framework and cultural blueprint that includes key elements such as recruiting, interviewing and hiring, staff training, job descriptions and performance measurement, policies, motivational tools, performance appraisals, customer service, leadership and behavioural expectations, time management, teamwork and conflict resolution.

Launch Planning

Chances are your brewery will only have one grand opening. We help develop a local launch plan that will create excitement, build brand awareness and get your business off to a running start.