Sustainability with a favorable business case.

The big question: “How do I reduce my environmental footprint while at the same time, growing my market share in a profitable manner”. Most companies cannot afford to undertake sustainability initiatives unless they have a favorable return on investment.

First Key believes that every consulting engagement conducted should have a favorable return on investment for its clients. For our environmental sustainability practice, we are of the strong opinion that there are opportunities for growth and sustainability with a thorough understanding of the brewery’s supply chain. We also believe, and have demonstrated, that an effective environmental sustainability strategy can lead to market growth within consumer markets given the urgent need for change.

Our environmental sustainability projects include:

  • Water and energy utilization and reduction
  • Energy and CO2 capture
  • Macro extract yield for brewing materials
  • Sustainable materials and packaging innovation
  • Closed loop supply chains and recycling strategy
  • Sustainable transportation strategy
  • Carbon accounting and emissions strategy

Brewing beer is a resource intensive industry and, as a result, brewing companies will face additional regulations as the world faces environmental challenges. By developing a progressive environmental strategy with a favorable business case, clients will have the opportunity to develop improvements that will coincide with its overall market strategies.

First Key has thought leaders with practical and research experience to assist brewery and beverage clients in moving towards a sustainable future while at the same time, showing top line growth and bottom-line profitability.