Are your strategies connecting with your customers?

We help our clients understand what really drives their marketplace and develop their competitive advantage to create profitable and sustainable growth. We believe that growth comes from out-performing your competitors at marketing fundamentals.

Market Analysis

The gathering of quantitative and qualitative data as well as high quality market analysis is critical to the foundation of a solid go-to-market plan. Having strong beer industry knowledge on both a national and local level is important if you are serious about having meaningful participation in the industry.

We conduct comprehensive national and local market analysis to uncover the trends and dynamics required to build the foundation of your go-to-market plan. We familiarize ourselves with the local market by conducting hands-on surveys to assess the beer landscape. The survey typically includes all aspects of the industry and involves face-to-face visits with retailers, brewery personnel, consumers, regulators and distributors.

Strategic Branding

We help you uncover your “WHY” – your brewery story, what you stand for and what makes you unique. We use an inclusive client discovery process and/or analysis of current brand health allowing you to maximize the value of your portfolio.

Beer Styles

Brewing the right beer styles that connect with your target market is critical to maximize volume and profit delivery. Based on local market trends and competitive activity, we work with you to develop the most effective taste profiles for your products.

Corporate Identity

Owning and projecting a distinctive identity and culture is important to set your business apart from the competition. We work with you to create a unique framework that includes such key elements as your purpose, vision, and core values.

Volume & Profit Projections

Having a clear and achievable long term vision for volume growth and profitability is fundamental to the planning process. At First Key, we develop comprehensive and detailed long-term volume and financial projections, based on local market dynamics, to help you plan with confidence.

Integrated Market and Sales Planning

This is where market analysis is converted into action plans. Based on existing market conditions, we develop and propose the core go to market strategies that will deliver the greatest likelihood of success. Our integrated and targeted marketing and sales strategies are based on industry assessment, competitive analysis and existing company performance.