Helping you make informed business and financial decisions.

Planning to purchase a major piece of capital equipment? Thinking of a brewery expansion? Contemplating a significant change in your distribution network? Whether you are looking for assistance with a business plan for your new brewery start-up or analysing a potential investment in a current brewery, our cross-functional team of experts will help you make informed business and financial decisions.

First Key has the brewing business insight to generate accurate data describing the current reality of the business, develop “what if” scenarios, and predict the resulting business and financial performance.

Our financial specialists are beer people who have expertise in modeling techniques and investment analysis, forecasting, and more. We will:

  • Use data and our business insight to describe the current reality of the business
  • Develop “what if” scenarios
  • Predict your business and financial performance
  • Manage risk and develop the best case for the investment

In addition to generating the financial model, we can help you create compelling investor and lender presentations with two overriding and interrelated goals in mind. The first is to generate market knowledge and strategic and operational insights, ensuring that the venture reaches its full potential. The second is to convey the unique and compelling nature of the opportunity to stakeholders – investors, strategic partners, clients, prospective acquisition candidates, potential acquirers and officers and directors.