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How to Value Your Craft Brewing Company

In today’s ever-changing consumer market, craft breweries are becoming increasingly prominent. As a result of this growing trend, we thought it would be useful to engage current, and future, craft brewery owners on the different approaches used in craft brewery valuations.

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Do Your Brewery Operations Reflect Your Brand?

A brewery’s brand goes well beyond a sharp logo or catchy tagline. It’s the story of why a brewery is in business. Everything should reflect that story. That starts with the beer. Sustainable success will only come by consistently producing a high-quality product.

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Addressing the Mid-Market Gap

In the May/June issue of New Brewer magazine, contributor Greg Kitsock leads off his story about regional American craft brewers with the following quote from Natalie Gershon, vice-president of marketing for Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing: “It’s a great time to be a beer drinker. But it’s a tough time to be an older brewer.”

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Cannabis-Infused Beer: A Big Opportunity?

Beer and weed don’t mix. Or do they?Most adults who use both alcohol and cannabis report seldom using them on the same occasion, so in that sense the opening statement is more or less true. But in a marketing portfolio sense a lot of brewers are betting they’ll mix very well, and so the race is on to introduce cannabis-infused beers.

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